Automate HR processes and Energize your workforce!

It is that branch of management which is concerned with the recruitment, selection, development and the best use of employees.

Recruitment Management

  • Easy to hire employees as the applications are       managed automatically.
  • Don't just track the application but also conduct       an examination to check whether the employee
          is eligible for your firm.
  • Employee Information System

  • Manage the profile of your employee.
  • Employee growth is an investment for the business.
  • Know the growth of your employee by continuously      evaluating their performance at work.
  • Time & Attendance

  • Track the employee’s check-in and check out with       biometric.
  • Keep their attendance handy.
  • Check their attendance any time, anywhere on the       mobile application specially designed for you.
  • Salary & Payroll

  • Calculate salary in minutes and transfer it to       employees' bank accounts directly.
  • Provident Fund, Professional Tax, ESI,Income      Tax,etc.are auto-calculated as per latest laws.
  • Manage everything from employee on the
         boarding till exit in one place from anywhere,      anytime.