Manage daily operations of your workshop from anywhere at any time.

Save time and stay organized while improving your productivity as well as increasing operational efficiency of your business.

Job Card

  • No more copying information from one piece of       paper to another.
  • Get the details about the work required on a specific       vehicle including maintenance, customer concerns,       and recall campaigns.
  • A better and accurate way to analyze your work.
  • Service Management

  • An easy way to schedule the services.
  • Automatically sends a reminder to your customer       for vehicle servicing.
  • Never miss out on a serving date for your customer.
  • Auto schedule the date and time for the customer’s      vehicle servicing.
  • Part Recognition

  • Keep a track of every part of your warehouse.
  • Know the details about the quantity of the spare       parts that are needed to stock up.
  • Keep a record of every part that is taken or brought in      the warehouse.
  • Warranty Claim

  • Know about the warranty of the product.
  • Once you get to know about the product and the       spare parts, it's easy to claim the warranty for the       products.
  • Easy to claim the benefits against the purchase of      the spare part and their essentials.