Second Hand Car Dealers

Ensure a unique car buying experience to the customers that focuses on customer satisfaction.

Manage sales and purchase documentation and sales commissions across branches.

Keep a detailed record about the life of the vehicle. Get a certificate mentioning the fitness of the vehicle.

Automatically transfer the ownership when the deal is done.


Point of Sale

Point of sale (POS) integration that provides complete analysis of car dealer retail operations (e.g. accessories trade) including data about the types of payments through the system.

Lots and Barcode Management

Use barcode technology to speed up different data registration process at service garage such as spare part scanning and adding to sales or service invoices. You can check the user log record like who added or edited the record etc.

Customer Database

Having a database can help a business keep in contact with customers. This helps build loyalty and repeat business. Consistent, repeat customers can be identified and contacted with special offers that are targeted to active clients.


Place easy definitions for chart of costs types with the help of a functionality and structure that holds much in common with the General Ledger chart of accounts.A basic chart of cost types, all of which have been formulated with regards to the General Ledger income statement accounts.


A dealer or a company will provide you a printed bill along with the car. However, this may not be possible if you are purchasing the car from an individual. "In such a case, you can demand a sale receipt from the seller".

Operations and Process

Get to manage warranties, ensure recall services, and manage prices as well as discounts for service activities. However, prices and discounts need to be set on the basis of the signed agreement.

Purchases and Sales

Before selling the car to the customer, complete the PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) process. This will guarantee you have done all the required work for the car before the sale.

Multi Branch

Multi-branch management allows for stock to be transferred between the company, outlets and users.

Bank Synchronization

Synchronize directly with your bank institution to get all bank statements imported automatically into your database.

Mobile Application

The top functional and marketing benefits of business mobile applications are as follows:
Increased recognition builds customer loyalty.
Website creates awareness and the app makes the sale.
A great tool for customer engagement.
Improved visibility.