Easily supervise the flow of your goods

Improve customer experience, protect from issues such as refunds, and achieve more repeat buyers by managing your inventory smoothly.


  • Detailed information about the stock which is available in the firm.
  • Get an update when there is a need to restock the goods.
  • Inventory management is a discipline primarily about specifying the shape and placement of stocked goods.
  • Product Placement

  • Customize the alignment of your stock.
  • Place your product in a way that is easy for you to access.
  • Align your stock on the basis of color or the product part number.
  • Product placement is a modern merchandising strategy for brands to reach their target audiences without using overt traditional advertising.
  • Aging

  • Bifurcate the vehicles according to their age.
  • Easy to compare vehicles as they are separately arranged.
  • Make a separate arrangement for the vehicles that are new, used, booked, and certified vehicles.
  • Aging is the sequential or progressive change in an organism that leads to an increased risk of debility, disease, and death.
  • Internal Management

  • Handle the items for all internal movements, distributions & production.
  • Receive items at the warehouse and be sure about their availability.
  • Pick and ship items to customers at multiple locations.
  • Internal controls are the mechanisms, rules, and procedures implemented by a company to ensure the integrity of financial and accounting information, promote accountability, and prevent fraud.