Spare Part Supplier

Build a strong long-term customer relationship at your vehicle spare parts business.

Supervise the flow of goods of all the branches at once. Keep a record of all the inventories that are available.

Get an update when there is a need to restock the goods.

Place your goods according to the product number, color, date of manufacture, etc.


Point of Sale

With POS (point-of-sales) integration with auto part management system get a control over retail operations. Get transaction information and analyze it in a single system.

Accounting Management

All GST reports like GSTR1, GSTR2, GSTR8 etc, Ledger dues aging report , bank reconciliation system , interest calculation , trial balance , balance sheet , alert over credit limit.

Parts Management

Monitor delivered spare parts and arrange them based on the customer’s order. Contact the customer and inform them that the car part has arrived.

Billing and Invoicing

An invoice or bill is an important written document that indicates the sale or supply by one business to another business or consumer. It contains information about the particular sale transaction, such as buyer’s details, quantity, value, tax, and payment terms.

Multi Branch

Centralize the inventory process management for all stocks. Monitor and control the spare part status in all stocks from one place. Plan and order items for all locations together. Get reports and analyses for each stock location separately or for the business in total.

Product Placement

Make your warehouse placement electronic, and control the movement and storage of the spare parts within it. Use hand-held devices with a barcode reader to register the location of the exact item in the stock.Clients’ orders are always placed locally and the system suggests the right location, but it can be changed manually by the user.