Acquire a detailed overview of the entire sales and purchase transaction records.


Acquire the potential to instantly get to view sales dynamics, perform an analysis of inventory turnover and carry out an evaluation of the buying behavior of customers, evaluate trends, sort out product offerings, work on prices, vendors and reach wiser decisions.
Bank reconciliation

Match the cash balance on a company’s balance sheet to the corresponding amount on its bank statement.

Day Book

Record all the credit purchases of the business that are meant for resale.

Finance Due Report

Analysis of profit and loss account, covering revenue, a summary of contract and costs; etc.

Ledger Statement

Real-time update of sub-ledger, thus eliminating the time-consuming reconciliation. GL also provides summarized data for use in planning, control, and reporting.

Tally Report

Collect different types of data such as voucher & invoices and display them in the form of reports.

GST Report

Know accurate tax liability before uploading to GST Portal.

Aging Report

Determine the amount of bad debt to report on financial statements and how much should be written off.

Branch Wise Income Expense

Automatically Consolidate Multiple Branch Data in real-time.

Outstanding Report

Identify which of the debtors is overdue.

Interest Report

Know the amount of interest to be added to the vehicle and know its overall cost.

Balance Sheet

Key to both financial modeling and accounting. Know the financial position of your business.

Profit & Loss Statement

Summarize the revenues, costs, and expenses incurred during a specified period, usually a fiscal quarter or year.

Stock Report

Know the usage and the availability of your stock and maintain a record of it.

MIS Report

Set parameters and compare them to the performance of business operations. Have a concise view of company performance in terms of revenue, orders, customer queries.

Follow Up

Keep a record of the customers and the potential customer to simplify contacting them.

Monthly Sales Report

Monitor, evaluate, analyze, and determine sales trends on a monthly basis including more long-term measurement of KPIs such as sales cycle length, conversion report, monthly performance report, among many others.